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March 10 2018

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5 Benefits of Small House Living

The size of the average American home has risen dramatically over the past 50 years. While many think that bigger is better where their homes are concerned, some are seeing the benefits of small-space living. For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, below are several advantages of living in a small home from https://smallcottageshawaii.com/.

Easy Maintenance

If a person owns a large home, they’re likely aware of the work and effort that goes into maintenance. Keeping up a home typically includes outdoor and indoor repairs, as well as weekly cleanings. With smaller spaces, owners put less energy, time, and effort into maintaining the home because there’s less space to maintain.

Less Risk and Debt

Most experts advise homeowners to spend no more than 28% of their monthly income on housing. However, there’s no point in spending the full 28% if it’s possible to be happy in a smaller, less expensive home. A home’s size plays a crucial role in insurance and utility costs. Living in a small space will reduce premiums paid on renter’s or homeowner’s insurance, and it will allow the owner to spend less on cooling or heating.

Less Accumulation of Clutter

When a person has more space at home, they often feel a sense of obligation to fill every nook and cranny with artwork and memorabilia. With a small home from https://smallcottageshawaii.com/, owners are more likely to think carefully about new décor and home purchases.

They’re Environmentally Friendly

Small homes use fewer raw materials in the construction phase, and they require less electricity or gas to cool and heat. Furthermore, small spaces use less water because there aren’t as many toilets https://smallcottageshawaii.com/, tubs, and sinks in use.

More Bonding Time

Finally, living in a small home encourages families to bond. Whether the home is for an older couple or an entire family, a small space brings people together, rather than spreading them out and leaving them to their own devices. While bonding with family won’t save money or time https://smallcottageshawaii.com/, it can improve the family dynamic.

In Conclusion

While living in a large, roomy home certainly has its benefits, there’s something to be said for small-home living. By considering the above advantages, home buyers can make more informed decisions.

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